Community Interest Companies

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A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a limited company, a type of legal structure of social enterprise with special additional features, created for people to use in the conduct of a business or other activity that benefit the community, and not purely for private advantage.

Mission Statement:
To ensure effective regulation and provision
of information to support the growth of
community interest companies in the UK.

Vision Statement:
That community interest companies are
recognised and trusted by society for
serving our communities with integrity
and excellence.

1. To build public confidence in CICs through effective impartial regulation and provision of
2. To develop strong links with key organisations to ensure an integrated approach to regulation.
3. Pro-actively instigate and support activities that will develop the profile of community interest
companies, ensuring awareness of the CIC model.
4. To be able to demonstrate good governance and pro-actively manage risks.
5. To ensure those affected by the regulation of CICs are highly satisfied with our services.

“CICs succeed Commercially, Socially & Demographically.”