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The first three habits are based on the realization that if you want to change a situation, you first have to change yourself. And that change depends on changing your perception – to see your way of viewing things, people and situations through a different lens. You have to work from the inside out. Achievement in any field starts inside yourself, with what earlier generations called “character” – based on sound fundamental principles of conduct.

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Understanding Social Entrepreneurship

Social enterprise is simply a way of doing business which focuses on tackling social problems, strengthening communities, improving people’s life chances or protecting the environment, as opposed to generating profit for private individuals or bodies. Any surplus income that a social enterprise generates (after covering its costs are reinvested in the business and go towards its social aims.

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Everyone needs a career boost now and then. Perhaps you feel that you’re in a rut. Maybe you’re stressed and just can’t seem to climb out from under the weight of it. You might even be in the wrong job, and maybe that’s causing you deep inner frustration. We all get tired in our jobs from time to time. That’s when we need a burst of motivation to get going, ratchet up our productivity, and get excited about work again.

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Think about the last time you felt highly productive. What were you doing? Why did it go so well? What expectations did you and others have of your performance? Chances are, you were most productive when: You had clear objectives, You could concentrate on the task in hand, You had sufficient resources to meet the expectations placed on you, You understood the significance of the task and you worked hard to complete it. This combination of factors leads to optimal performance, and to what psychologists call “flow.”

Understanding Social Entrepreneurship

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We have identified a number of discrete elements that you might need to consider: ● Why do you want to start a social enterprise? ● Do you know enough about social enterprise? ● What are the alternative options for your organization? ● How will you ensure that your stakeholders are on board? ● Do you have a good business idea?

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Managing your career is all about you making the most of your working life, both now and in the future. It's not a onetime event but a lifelong process. Like any kind of management, it's also about being proactive, rather than waiting until you realize there's a problem that you need to fix. That way, you'll have the best possible chance of setting the right goals for yourself, and of choosing the appropriate path for achieving them.

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